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10 tips to learning Chinese in daily life

 Enrich your child's learning experiences by adopting an open-ended, curious and fun approach. 

1. Watch Chinese movies/ cartoons with a fun theme

2. Play board games that help memorize words and their meanings

3. Incorporate Chinese festivals and cultural celebrations into lessons.

4.Expose children to Chinese discipline/ sports like 'kung fu'.

5. Tap into their natural love for art by teaching them Chinese calligraphy.

6. Have Fun with Cooking sessions on Chinese cuisine such as tang yuan,making dumplings, etc

7. Find a Chinese pen pal their age for them to exchange letters/ drawings with or be their 'secret pen-pal' by addressing 'letters to them' in the mail box for them to open and read.

8. There's no better way to engage children by bringing them to China for a holiday! They will experience the rich diversity of Chinese culture and language.

9. Play various genres of Chinese music ranging from traditional Chinese instruments to child-friendly songs.

10. Take your child to the library to find their own Chinese books.

Giving children the freedom of experiencing Chinese learning as a dynamic and creative process instead of drilling them in the traditional rote, memory and 'copying what is on the board' method goes a long way in cultivating their interest and maximises their learning effectiveness!

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