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Creative Writing Programme

Chinese Regular Programme  (Primary 1 - 2)

For Primary 1 and 2 students, Creative Writing helps bridge the gap between pre-school Chinese Learning and Primary School classes in a non-pressurizing way. The programme also enables Primary 2 students to transition confidently to Primary 3, a stage in which students may encounter challenges in.

Through reading picture books, we seek to:

  • To build child’s confidence in writing through reading

  • Enhance the children’s thinking skill and creativity




10 lessons (per term)


Intensive small group

10 lessons

1.5 hours per lesson

Progress Follow-Up

Mystery gifts

(Online Class)

Creative Writing Programme

S$128 per 4 lessons (monthly)

1-to-1 programme available!

(Drop us a message)

Enrolment before Jan 2021 will get

a total 20% discount on the first term!



I find the class is interesting and fun. I like the Chinese Compositions. My teachers helped boost my Chinese  grade from a B4 to A for the PSLE!


Matthew Thai

Scored A in PSLE

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I find the class in Edugem very fun and interesting as we get to learn a lot of new things that I would not be able to learn in school. I enjoy writing compositions here because we get to learn new words to use when writing compositions in school.

Jo Lynn

Scored A in PSLE


After joining Edugem Learning Centre, my chinese grade has improved from a barely passing grade to an A and in a short span of time and it has been that way ever since. The teachers there are passionate, friendly and extremely patient. Would definitely recommend!


Cheryl Koh

Sec 4 Higher Chinese

What our students say


Get your

free trial class

It is never too late for everyone to learn something new. Let's begin our learning journey by joining our online class today! Hope to see you soon!

  • Creative Writing ✓

  • Essential Programme ✓

  • Step Up Programme ✓

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Benefits Learning Online


Time Saving

Don't have to travel far to attend the class. Now you have more time to develop other skills!

Learn Comfortably

Learn wherever you are, whether be in your living room or bedroom. Parents are able to monitor the kids' programme too!

Educator Support

Whenever you need it, just drop us a message, we will always get your questions answered!

No one is left out

Small group size to maintain quality & attention. Classes are according to student’s needs & abilities.

Aligned with MOE 

Aligned with MOE school syllabus. Specially designed & integrate different platforms to make them interesting.

Experienced & Caring Teacher

Taught by friendly and professionally trained teachers with at least 5 to 13 years of experience.

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