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A fun activity to integrate learning Chinese with fun: Making Tang Yuan

Children always enjoy it when they are given the chance to explore, taste, touch, do and experiment. There is no right or wrong in this, except several safety rules to observe. Plus a tremendous amount of new Chinese vocabulary introduced in a fun way at each step!

Step 1: Kneading the dough into little round balls.

Children enjoyed playing around with the dough, exploring its texture.

Step 2: Adding food colouring & red bean filling to their dough balls.

A deceptively simple process but it involved lot's of concentration and making sure the colour was evenly kneaded into the dough.

Initially, the children did not know how to do it but eventually mastered it after trying. Bravo!

Step 3: Making it a family activity

The kids chose who to make their special tang yuan for. One child did not like red bean but decided to make some for his parents. Awwww!

They understood the significance of Dong zi and eating tang yuan during this Chinese cultural festival. Finally, now they all learnt how to make tang yuan and can now make them for their family!

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