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Our Founder

Hana Huan

Graduated from National Chengchi University of Taiwan then National Institute of Education (NIE) of Singapore. After 11 years of teaching experience in local schools, education has become her passion. It is her aspiration to create a fun-filled environment that inspires independent learning within the children.


Having professionally trained and worked in both education and media industry, Hana realised the essence of master Chinese language is to achieve the ability to establish effective communication and understanding.


But most Singaporean students today face the challenge of developing interest in learning the language, as there are insufficient opportunities to use it. Two prominent contributing factors towards this situations are, most Singaporean families use English language as the main medium of communication. In school, Chinese language is taught as a single language subject not providing sufficient platforms to use the language.


As a solution, Hana hopes to build a fun-filled Chinese language learning environment at Edugem which helps children to learn the language with ease and confidence.






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