Ignite curiosity and passion in the child.


At Edugem, we believe given the right conditions and opportunities, each child will be able to shine.


We understand that learning Chinese in Singapore may seem regimental, irrelevant and boring, as such we strive to provide FUN, CREATIVE and MEANINGFUL learning experiences through activities to inspire our students and allow them to shine. 


Our programmes are designed based on Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) proprietary syllabus and Chinese language curriculum by our founder, 

Hana Huan, an experienced MOE certified teacher.


With societies’ increasing reliance on the Artificial Intelligence (AI), there is a rising need for the children to develop competitive advantage skills.

At Edugem, our programmes design focus on 3 key criterias: 

The curriculum is fun-filled, allowing our students to enjoy learning, gradual development of passion towards learning and appreciation of the Chinese language.

Fun Experiential


Provides an avenue for students to express their creativity and arouse curiosity.

Expression of


Give opportunities to students to cultivate independent thinking skills and confidence.

Empowers Independent 


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