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New Enrolment for 2020

​Give your child an early head start for the new year with our Chinese language learning programmes.

Our PROGRAMMEs feature intensive small group coaching that are aligned to the MOE school syllabus. For nursery and pre-school children, we offer Young Reader’s Project and Literacy Heads Up programmes to create a foundation and love for reading before incorporating text-written elements.

For Primary School students, Essentials, Step Up, and Creative Writing Through Picture Books focus on building up a strong foundation in oral, comprehension and writing skills.

​Using fun and interactive methods and activities, engage your child’s interest in learning Chinese by enrolling with us!


Regular Program_essential_2019New enrolm

Essential Programme


Chinese Regular Programme  (Primary 1 - 6)

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours   

Fee: SGD 330 - 420 (10 weeks)

The programme specially tailoredand follows the MOE  syllabus but first aims to cultivate interest and motivation from the child's side as the first step to successful learning.Using fun and interactive methods like games (词语游戏), drama performances, show and tell and story-telling, children will develop an interest in learning. 

Essentials is recommended for students who like to build a strong foundation in Chinese.

  • Learning through fun, interactive and effective methods 

  • Enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

  • Aligned to school syllabus 

Copy of Regular Program_StepUp_2020New e

Step Up Programme​


Chinese Regular Programme  (P3 - 6)

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours   

Fee: SGD 360 - 420 (10 weeks)

Step Up focuses on 3 main components children usually face challenges in: oral, composition and comprehension. A variety of materials are used, such as videos to conduct oral and composition writing, and storybooks to reinforce comprehension and composition techniques.

  • To improve abilities and interest in reading 

  • To arouse interest and potential in writing

  • To nurture oral speech capabilities


Creative Writing through Picture Book


Chinese Regular Programme  (P1 - 2)

Duration: 1.5 hour   

Fee: SGD 290 (10 weeks)

For Primary 1 and 2 students, Creative Writing Through Picture Book helps bridge the gap between pre-school Chinese Learning and Primary School classes in a non-pressurizing way. The  programme also enables Primary 2 students to transition confidently to Primary 3, a stage which students may encounter challenges in.

Through reading picture books, we seek to:

  • To build child’s confidence in writing through reading

  • Enhance the children’s thinking skill and creativity


Chinese Literacy Programme


Chinese Regular Programme  (K1 - K2)

Duration: 1.5 hour   

Fee: SGD 290 (10 weeks)

The K1-K2 years are important ones in preparing your

child for Primary School. Build a solid foundation for

your pre-schoolers with our Literacy Heads Up Programme that bridges the learning transition between pre-school and Primary School.

Using stories, games, craft, Speech and Drama, the following will be incorporated in this series:


  • Hieroglyphics Word Recognition 

  • Hanyu Pinyin through music and dance

  • Learning strokes and sequence of Chinese Character through Calligraphy

Start young to nurture your competent and confident Chinese scholar!


Chinese Literacy Programme


Chinese Regular Programme  (N1 - N2)

Duration: 1.5 hour   

Fee: SGD 290 (10 weeks)

Young Readers Project Series taps on the love children naturally have for picture books with attractive visuals. Each one and a half hour session comprises of story-telling, music movement activities, and specially designed hands on activities relevant to the story such as games, art and craft, puzzles and Speech and Drama to familiarize themselves with Chinese in an enjoyable way. At the same time, literacy activities such as Speech and Drama, simple word recognition, etc are introduced so that parents can be assured that learning builds up in each session.

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